Retrieves email messages using the specified Outlook account.



  • MailMessages - The retrieved messages as a collection of MailMessage objects.


  • Account - The Outlook account whose mail messages would be retrieved.

  • MailFolder - The mail folder where the mail messages will come from.


  • Filter - The string used as a filter for the mail messages to be retrieved.

  • MarkAsRead - If this property is checked, the mail retrieved would be marked as read.

  • OnlyUnreadMessages - If this property is checked, only unread messages would be retrieved. Otherwise, all messages would be retrieved.

  • Top - The number of messages to be retrieved starting from the top of the list.


  • ContinueOnError - The Boolean value to specify whether to continue executing the next activities even if there is an error thrown on this activity.

  • TimeoutMS - Specifies the amount of time in milliseconds to wait for the activity to run before an error is thrown. The default value is 30000ms or 30 seconds.


  • DisplayName - Renames the activity.


  1. Create a Select.Collections.Generic.List<System.Net.Mail.MailMessage> variable called mail.
  2. Add a Get Outlook Mails activity inside the initial Sequence. 
  3. In the Get Outlook Mails MailMessages field under Attributes, add the mail variable.
  4. In the Get Outlook Mails Account field, type the email address of the account that you will use.
  5. In the Get Outlook Mails Mail Folder field, type "Inbox".
  6. Next to Get Outlook Mails activity, add a Write Line activity.
  7. On the Write Line Text field, type mail.ToString

    The use case should look as the following screenshot:

After execution, the mail messages from the Inbox of the specified account should be stored in the mail variable.