Downloads a file from the specified URL to the specified file path.



  • DownloadSuccess - A boolean variable that returns True if the file is downloaded successfully. Otherwise, it returns False.


  • FilePath - The file path where the file would be downloaded.

  • URL - The URL of the file to be downloaded.


  • ContinueOnError - The Boolean value to specify whether to continue executing the next activities even if there is an error thrown on this activity.


  • DisplayName - Renames the activity.


Before you can proceed with the tutorial, make sure to set up  your RAX Chrome Extension. You can download it here.


  1. Add a Download File activity in a Sequence.
  2. In the Download File File Path field, browse for the location where to download the file and type the file name. In this example, the file name is sample.
  3. In the Download File Url field, insert the URL where the file would be downloaded from. In this example, the URL is ""

    The use case should look like the following screenshot:

Upon execution, the file from the specified URL should be downloaded in the specified file path.